Saturday, February 13, 2010

Directions to Dewan Perdana Institut Sukan Negara.

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Location Map of The National Sports Complex / Kompleks Sukan Negara - KSN.

Directions to Dewan Perdana Institut Sukan Negara:

1. On the main road from Bukit Jalil heading towards Teknologi Park Malaysia (TPM), drive past Car Park 'C' signage on your left.

2. After passing by Car Park 'C' signage, you will see Kompleks Sukan Negara (MSN/ISN) signage on your left.

3. Drive past the KSN/MSN/ISN signage and turn left into the slip road immediately after that signage (Less than 5m). (Do not miss the slip road or else you will be heading towards TPM - Teknologi Park Malaysia).

4. At the slip road, drive over two (2) humps. The road will curve "S-bend" from right to left. You will see "Pintu F" on the right. On the left will be the National Stadium.

5. AT the "T" junction, turn right. You will see a large signboard "Bukan Sekadar Venue Untuk Sukan" in front of you as you make the right turn.

6. On your right will be the MSN office and on your left will be the National Aquatic Centre.

7. Go straight for 20m and pass the National Squash Centre and the Stadium Putra on your left.

8. After the National Squash Centre on your left, go straight for 10m and you will see Pintu C on your right.

9. Go straight in (10m) and you will pass by the athlete's hostel on your right.

10. Park your car once you sight this building on your right.

11. Welcome to Dewan Perdana Institut Sukan Negara, the future of Paintball in Malaysia starts right here!

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